The Chosen Few Picnic

Many years ago a group of Dj’s got together in Chicago and decided to celebrate there love for a musical culture called “House’ by throwing a outdoor event behind the museum of science and industry called ‘The Chosen Few Picnic”. Dj’s Wayne Williams, Jessie Saunders, Allen King, Terry Hunter, Andre Hatchet and Tony Hatchet provided the soundtrack and people from all over Chicago came out to dance, socialize, and celebrate there love for House music. Fast forward 20 years and that same little event behind the museum has turned into one of the biggest and most publicized events in Chicago. It’s popularity took it from a few hundred guest behind the museum to 63rd and Hayes where its grown to 20 thousand plus people including some of Chicago’s elite personalities. This years Chosen Few Picnic was Saturday July 6 and after spending the day soaking up the sun and the vibes I came to a conclusion. Social Media was full of comments regarding the event and of course some good and some bad and to his credit Allen King who has seem to have taken the leadership roll as spokes person did his best to address peoples concerns and I must give him credit. That said I want to address some issues that I have noticed. First of all this event has brought great awareness to the culture of House Music that has been slowly dying in Chicago and to bring 20 thousand people out and NO VIOLENCE is outstanding. The Chosen Few Dj’s have shown support of other local Dj’s and National Dj’s/Artist. With a changing economic culture and the problems in Chicago they have still managed to put this event on each year with great success. Yea some Dj’s have come off as bitter for not being invited to play or that some people did not hear there “jam” but really. Just like I cant walk into your house and tell you that you need red wallpaper or better furniture dont think The Chosen Few owes you anything. if you are “upset” with the Chosen Few then do your own event. The amount of excuse the expression “crybabying” from grown adults on social media was truly embarrassing and there keyboards should be revoked for some of the silliness they had to say. Parking, security, and cost will always be a issue but show me a event of this magnitude where its not.
I will speak on this I am very disappointed on how the Chosen Few has not used there brand. Yes Brand! (i.e Mc Donald’s, Coca Cola, Miller, State Farm ect) Anytime you can have 20 thousand people at a event that shows the power moves you could accomplish. Lets start with radio. Chicago radio clearly disrespects the house community and could careless about the culture or all those kids now adults that grew up on WBMX back in the 80s and oh by they way we are NOT ALL STEPPERS NOW. Please don’t be fooled by 4 hour shows that give you ‘radio format mixes”or the fact they dont pay the Dj’s for there craft yet they sell Dj’s on the fact “your on the radio”. PLEASE! When you have 20 thousand people out in support of your organization you CAN make a difference. I like the Shrine but damm Wavefront Chicago (other event) had after and pre parties in 10 different night clubs while the Chosen Few was confined to the Shrine witch by the way they could not get on Saturday because of the Shrines hip hop party. How does the Chosen Few Dj’s with all that support not use there “Brand” for ownership. Club, Scholarships, Charity Event, Radio influence I mean really. I have seen Terry Hunter DJ for WVAZ events yet I don’t hear any of his artist music on WVAZ and for that I say shame on you Mr Hunter for not looking out after his artist. I remember speaking with The Dizz formally of WSRB about three years ago and I told him how much I loved his House Music segment ‘Worship Wednesday” (gospel house music mix at 6) and he told me 2 weeks later that the station did not support the mix and made him change it to a R&B format type mix. So help me understand WPWX can play Ni*** Bit** F*** to our community and children but the sister station cant play Jesus once a week for 20 minutes. Oh but WSRB had a tent at the picnic….REALLY? The day I give my effort to a group of people who don’t even support my cause is the day I am lost. I think all I ask from the Chosen Few organization is that they do a better job with there “Brand” before they wake up one day and its gone because the sharks or “sharknado” is on the way. The NBA had Magic Johnson and Larry Bird and things were great but when Michael Jordan came they still kept the NBA they just put on there “Big Boy Pants” on to accommodate there new fans and popularity while at the same time preserving the integrity of there game and even thought the picnic seems to be more of a social event now than a House Music celebration it is still a wonderful event and deserves to be around for a long time.  Look forward to next year..